BOOK REVIEW: The Return of the Key by Alisha Nurse

Thanks to Faith of thebigfatbooks blog for this awesome review of The Return of the Key. Read on dudes and dudettes:) x

Fangirl World

 16 year old Eliza Aurelio grapples with her mixed race identity amid rising racial  tensions  on her little island. For their safety, Eliza’s grandfather sends her and  her grandmother to a  quiet town in Southwest England to stay with a relative.  But this otherwise quiet town has  been turned upside down by people  mysteriously disappearing. Eliza eventually  encounters a magical but dangerous  realm accessible through a doorway in the town, and  sees its connection to the  abductions. She intends to put things right, only wanting to  protect her family. To  do this, she must return a stolen key to lock the open doorway. But  Eliza has to  overcome her own inner conflicts if she is to stand any chance of being    successful and leaving the other realm alive.

Suspenseful and enchanting, The Return of the Key explores the power of love, sacrifice and the journey to self acceptance.


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