3 anti-inflammatory foods that provide natural pain relief

Fresh turmeric

Fresh turmeric

Cinnamon, ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory foods that provide great natural pain relief for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

I would definitely say they should be included in one’s diet if one battles a behemoth like fibromyalgia.

My family has long used these ingredients to treat a host of symptoms from colds, pain, internal cleanses, digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome. For instance, my grandmum would always recommend boiling a generous amount of grated ginger root and bringing to boil for colds or pain filled days. I don’t subscribe to using pre-packaged teas for these purposes as I don’t believe they provide the full benefits of using the ingredients fresh.

In my book Living the Best Life with Fibromyalgia I cite some of my favourite recipes involving these ingredients, which are key in my fight against fibromyalgia.

My Power-up spiced tea which I list in the book, features all these superb foods and spices, providing an excellent source of rejuvenation and pain relief when one’s body is run down or going through a flare of symptoms.

Whatever your condition, add a little ginger root, turmeric and cinnamon to your life to start improving on your health.

Love Alisha x

For more information on fibromyalgia visit my blog theinvisiblef.com.



    1. It definitely does. I have found that very strong ginger tea helps particularly in tandem with frequent soaks in warm water and epsom salts. Or as my Mama Claire would say, the water should be as hot as you can take it. And Woodlock oil is very helpful for arthritis. Both my grandmommas reported an improvement in their symptoms after I got them this oil which I also use.


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