For Men Only – Relationship Talk

This is so funny! I had to share!

HarsH ReaLiTy

Men have you ever encountered one of those situations where it is always your fault? Like the time you dropped that cake on the way to the wedding reception that she had just spent all day laboring to bake. How were you to know that you would trip over the one blind talking rabbit on his way with his companions to a place called Narnia. Shit just happens. You didn’t mean to fail. You like to win.

I always think it is best in these situations to turn the argument back on the woman. It is of course a deflection tactic, but all is fair in the jungle. If she says “why didn’t you just crush that rabbit with your foot? Aren’t you a man?”

You of course say back “Baby… he was going to Narnia and had three companions that were Centaurs. What was I to do?”



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